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5 things that affect your work life balance

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Charmaine Marimo - 23 Jan 2019

Most mothers struggle with work life balance due to the pressures that are instilled in us by society. The most important thing is to improve the quality of your life in all avenues some of them are listed below. 1)Feeling rushed, Like there is no time. This affects the relationships we have with staff, our children and partners, it also causes stress and frustration. The best thing is time blocking. Always, find out where in your day you are wasting time and adjust accordingly. also practising focus and completing your work projects on time and producing great results helps. 2) Feeling Tired and unhealthy:- more than half the time this is brought on by the fact that we are busy doing everything alone and don't have time to look after our health and well-being. We don't have to live like that, we can literally live everyday like we are at a spa if we implement great morning routines, eat healthy, exercise and most importantly remove stress, frustration, anxiety etc. This can be done by practising mindfulness, meditation and learning the triggers to our mental instability and learning how to fix those triggers. 3)Stress frustration, anxiety etc, all of that mental instability us mum's carry:- Seriously if you struggle with energy this will suck the life out of you if not fixed. and as stated above, the trick is to find the triggers and deal with them, don't ignore those triggers they will eat you alive and turn your life upside down. Sometimes this can be brought on by lack of connection in your relationships at home with the children and your partner. But if not fixed this can affect your productivity at work and cause chronic fatigue and a myriad of health issues. 4) Feeling unsupported and lonely:- this can come about from having a lot of work for one woman to do. What I suggested is outsourcing the house work and childcare as much as possible, if this is not in your budget, communication with you r partner to get them to help is the best avenue. also getting friend and family to help with anything that you need to outsource. I know doing this might induce guilt because as women we are expected to do it all but trust me there is no shame in getting help. The only other thing is learning how to strategically communicate with everyone in your life in a way that does not induce arguments but allows for problem fixing. This is an amazing technique i Teach my clients. Too intense to explain. 5)Feeling unaligned and unhappy:- If we as working mothers/parents go through life carrying stress and all of that mental instability this can make us feel un-aligned. Being in the wrong job can cause this and more. Having arguments in your relationships, be it your kids or your Partner or your extended family and colleagues. Feeling unhappy and un-aligned is the major thing that can cause everything discussed above. It is also the one major reason that upsets our work-life balance. What always stands out to me, with every working woman I have ever spoken to or helped, is that if one does not feel aligned from within, have peace of mind, a positive mindset and if one is not healthy Mind, Body and Spirit, this lack of well-being touches on everything they do and affects their balance on a whole. Your soul's home is your body and if that is not aligned everything else in your life is out of balance. So in order to have great work life balance fix whats affecting you first and everything else follows. If you want to absolutely fix your work-life balance, get in touch with me and I am going to help you live a happy-healthy and balanced life.