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About me

My name is Claire Humphries and I guide and support women to empower themselves. I am here to gently bring you back to yourself, to the essence of you. I will help you to see you own gifts and inner beauty so that you can be the women you were born to be. I will help you to realise that you are enough, you are perfect as you are, to help you strip back the conditioning and the old beliefs and patterns that you no longer see which keep you stuck in the old ways. It is not as scary as you think to look at yourself and be with yourself. I promise. Everything that is holding you back comes back to being ok with YOU so we need to start there. Working with me is fun and friendly and we will have lots of laughter as well as tears and transformation. I listen to your needs and work with you to create a way forward that is bespoke to you so that you can break free of limiting beliefs and sabotaging behaviours to enable you empower yourself with loving support. I will create a program uniquely for you. I run a women's business support group as well as online marketing, facebook advertising, sales funnel creation and advice so I am able to help with business as well. Your business can only grow as much as you do so the inner work is essential to help you to move forward in your business. We start with a FREE initial consultation and from there I will suggest ways that I can help you to move forward into a more joyful, energised and empowered you. I also teach you to use the tools I use for yourself, helping you to continue working with yourself even when we aren't in session, so that you can take control in your own life and gain self-confidence. I work in the short-term or long-term, depending on whether you have a specific issue you wish to work on or whether you want long-term support for a holistic program of self development and growth. I work in blocks of time so that you can decide how quickly you wish to work. My work is based on parts work, EFT, Reiki energy healing, bodywork, meditation and mindfulness but I bring other knowledge and skills where appropriate. My work is particularly good for relationship issues, weight issues, fear, anxiety and lack of confidence but really there is no limit on the types of clients I have and the variety of issues. NB. I have ticked financial as I can help you get over your blocks in that area and to empower yourself, I do not offer financial advice of any kind.


3 hours for £200 5 hours for £320 12 hours for £760 20 hours for £1365


United Kingdom

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Claire is a woman of many skills and she loves helping her clients on so many levels. She is a great therapist, but I have to mention her Inner Voice Dialogue technique. I have had one session with Claire, and after some time I have noticed a massive shift in my behavioural patterns. I did change some of my habits, and I am a lot calmer and several times more effective in the things I do. Everything happens with more ease and focus, if that makes sense. Love Claire as a person, as well as a great professional, and I will keep coming back for more. Thank you! 5* Review from my FB page

- Maya Way

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Claire is one of the most multi-talented women I know with great empathy and such a caring approach. She's helped me open up to new possibilities and held a really safe space for me to explore. Highly recommended. 5* Review from my FB page

- Carol Hanson

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I had a Voice Dialogue session with Claire. It was incredibly valuable to help bring some parts of me into my awareness more clearly. I feel like I have greater choice now. Voice Dialogue is very powerful and Claire facilitates it with care and skill. 5* Review from my FB page

- Jayne Blackman