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Jo Henwood

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About me

Having come from an advertising and training background I am creative in my coaching style, and use creative approaches to help clients visualise their situation and possible solutions. I use my own coaching model that incorporates a selection of techniques that I have found to work very well with my clients. I offer a good balance of challenge and support and take a positive strengths based and solutions focussed approach. People often to come to me who are overwhelmed and I help them create more clarity and focus in their lives that leads to better decision making and control over their time, both at home and work. I have a particular interest in neuroscience, having studied biology, and how we can use an understanding of how our brains work to manage ourselves more effectively and use this in my work. My corporate experience includes working with leaders and their challenges and with employees looking to develop in their role and towards a promotion. As well as bespoke coaching I run a series of Visibility Coaching Programmes that have proven to deliver results. My passion is to help people who are undervalued and overlooked get the reward and recognition they deserve. The programmes are summarised below but please do get in touch to find out more: HighVIZ: This Career Accelerator Programme will help you get noticed and get ahead QuickVIZ: This programme helps you make an impact early in your new role or when returning to work MyVIZ: Gives you the resilience skills and strategies to stay at the top of your game LeadVIZ: Gain the hearts and minds of your followers to achieve your vision through visible leadership

  • AOEC Practitioner Diploma in Executive Coaching
  • Practitioner of Saville Psychometric Tests

Bespoke Coaching: £100 per session up to 90 minutes duration Visibility Programmes: £2,500 - £5,000 and lasting 2, 3 or 4 months


United Kingdom

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I really appreciate Jo's coaching style. It's refreshing, positive, calm and effective. Having experienced her work with a group of coachees, each and every one had breakthroughs and left with positive plans, feeling good about themselves, including myself. She does what it says on the tin. What else would you want a coach for?

- AyPee, Specialist practitioner of neuro hypnotic repatterning

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Jo has been really helpful in preparing me for interviews, when it is really useful to get some guidance from someone who works outside of the profession in which I work. She is also great as a sounding board when making decisions about future career goals and how to work with values to make appropriate and balanced career choices. It helps that she is able to include good humour in to the mix. I recommend her whole-heartedly!

- Rachel Ives MSc, BSc (Hons), DO. Registered Osteopath

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I was offered and accepted coaching sessions following negative feedback from my colleagues about my management style and ways of working. After discussing the impact of pressure/stress/workload with my line manager we agreed on some objectives for my coaching sessions. The sessions were coupled discussed with Jo prior to starting the sessions and I found this approach really helpful. Being able to connect feedback, objectives and targets to create a personal plan made everything less overwhelming and more achievable. At every session, Jo has guided me through the plan. This backed up with specific personalised exercises (e.g. Mindmaps and brainstorm - what strategists like do for a living) really helped me dissect some of the emotional triggers that have impacted my ways of working. We've also practised role playing and Jo provided ideas on managing up/down, which I have successful deployed with a new perspective. The results in the last 3 months have been great. I've had 2 written positive feedback emails from my colleagues and some sent directly to my line manager. But most of all I feel much better. I've come to really value and appreciate Jo's support and hope I can continue to beat all my targets."

- Ana Pak, Digital Strategy Director, MediaCom