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Ryan Williams

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About me

My name is Ryan and I am the head coach and CEO of Social Shortcuts Personal trainers for social skills We coach people on social skills such as: - Overcoming social anxiety - Conversation - Being more funny - Body language - Flirting - Dating - Texting and social media - Charisma - Expanding and maintaining a social circle - Persuasion - Sales - Relationships Coaching is done with a mix of theory, exercises to make you able to think faster and then a real life challenge based on the section you are working on. It will be tailored to suit you and we have a process designed to help you learn as fast as possible. We coach in a unique way that is really innovative and beneficial. We don't ask for big upfront payments and if you want to try us out you can simply book just one hour. We also have a YouTube channel and an Instagram account if you want to search us. Please follow them too it helps us to help more people!


For any of the Social Shortcuts coaches other than the head coach: 1 hour - £25 3 hours - £60 6 hours - £90 With the head coach: 1 hour - £60 3 hours - £150 6 hours - £240 The hours don't need to be done all in one go. After booking 6 hours you could do 1 per week for 6 weeks or 2 for 3 weeks etc.


United Kingdom